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You are responsible for reviewing these Terms of Use on a regular basis. Ibizablissrealestate.com allows User/clients to locate and evaluate proposals from independent third party real estate professionals. User/clients (whether a home buyer or a home seller) agree to supply Ibizablissrealestate.com with information about themselves and the property they want to sell or hope to buy.
Ibizablissrealestate.com will use this information within Ibizablissrealestate.com and will provide certain details on an anonymous or non-anonymous basis depending on Ibizablissrealestate.com service to third parties who are, in most cases, appropriate members of its real estate agent network. User/clients may also agree to have the information he/she has supplied to Ibizaiblissrealestate.com forwarded to real estate or other third-party professionals referred by Ibizablissrealestate.com As Ibizablissrealestate.com uses e mail , on an almost exclusive basis, to provide Ibizablissrealestate.com services, all Ibizablissrealestate.com user/clients must consent to receive E mail from Ibizablissrealestate.com to register for Ibizablissrealestate.com services. Ibizablissrealestate.com user/clients will also be required to consent to receive e mail s from third party(ies) if the Ibizablissrealestate.com service requested requires services from a third party(ies).
To assure the value of Ibizablissrealestate.com s services, you agree that all of the information you have provided to Ibizablissrealestate.com , whether online or otherwise, is accurate and complete. Ibizablissrealestate.com reserves its right to terminate or suspend access to any user/client information that is alleged to be inaccurate or misleading. If required by the terms of the Ibizablissrealestate.com service requested by User/client, you authorize Ibizablissrealestate.com to forward your information to its network of real estate professionals according to the terms and conditions of the Ibizablissrealestate.com services that you use.
Ibizablissrealestate.com may refer real estate professionals to User/clients, but Ibizablissrealestate.com does not engage in real estate broker services. Real Estate brokerage activities are performed by local Real Estate Professionals that have been referred to you by Ibizablissrealestate.com.
The terms of any agreement between a real estate professional and Ibizablissrealestate.com are not endorsed, recommended or otherwise known to or by Ibizablissrealestate.com. Ibizablissrealestate.com may from time to time offer eligible User/clients and Registered Clients promotional opportunities to incent use of Ibizablissrealestate.com ‘s services within a particular time frame. These opportunities may include but are not limited to discounts, rebates, gift certificates, or other incentives that are only available to User/clients.
Ibizablissrealestate.com affiliated real estate professional to buy or sell a home. User/client eligibly for a particular promotion will be defined in the terms of each promotion. Not all User/clients may be eligible to receive all promotional opportunities.
  1. Ibizablissrealestate.com Featured Vendors From time to time Ibizablissrealestate.com may include on its www.Ibizablissrealestate.com site, third party services such as a Moving Center or a Home Improvement Center. Ibizablissrealestate.com posts these services on its site as a service to its User/clients who may be interested in such services. Ibizablissrealestate.com is not responsible for and makes no warranty or representation as to the quality or performance of the services offered.
  2. Ibizablissrealestate.com advises all user/clients to review carefully each third party service offering prior to engagement with any third party service provider.
  3. Use of third party services You understand and agree that the Real Estate Professionals and others in the real estate field who appear on the Ibizablissrealestate.com website or who may be referred by Ibizablissrealestate.com are not employed by Ibizablissrealestate.com Ibizablissrealestate.com is not responsible or liable for any acts or omissions created or performed by these third parties. Ibizablissrealestate.com’s Web site may contain links to Web sites maintained by third parties. Such links are provided for your convenience and reference only. Ibizablissrealestate.com does not operate or control in any respect any information, software, products or services available on such Web sites. Ibizablissrealestate.com’s inclusion of a link to a Web site does not imply any endorsement of the services or the site, its contents, or its sponsoring organization.
  4. Modification Of Ibizablissrealestate.com
  5.   Ibizablissrealestate.com reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue any service or a portion or attribute thereof, or the offering of any information, good, content, product or service with or without notice to any User/client . Your continued use of the website or any service after the posting of any amended Terms of Use shall constitute your agreement to be bound by any such changes. Ibizablissrealestate.com shall not be liable to any User/client or any third party should Ibizablissrealestate.com exercise its right to modify or discontinue service.
  6. Obligations of Home Buyer/Sellers Registered with Ibizablissrealestate.com By completing your registration with Ibizablissrealestate.com as a potential Home Buyer or Home Seller, you agree that:
    • You are of legal age and are otherwise capable of forming a legally binding contract;
    • You are interested in purchasing/selling property or both;
    • You are interested in purchasing/selling property ;
    • You do not have an exclusive contractual or other arrangement with any Real Estate Professional;
    • You agree to be contacted via E mail or other means by Ibizablissrealestate.com, and by third parties for services you have requested;
    • Ibizablissrealestate.com may request, receive, copy and review your real property transaction and/or settlement documents;
    • You represent that you are not licensed as a real estate agent or broker;
    • You acknowledge that Ibizablissrealestate.com recommends your independent use of all appropriate government, public, consumer and other agencies or sources to verify a Real Estate Professional’s license status and background as Ibizablissrealestate.com, makes no representations and/or warranties about any Real Estate Professional that may use the Ibizablissrealestate.com service.
    • As a Home Buyer or Seller, you are not bound to accept any of the Proposals submitted. Proposals are not binding offers and are not intended to create a contractual or agency relationship between you and the real estate professional. Any endorsements posted by a Real Estate Professional through the Ibizablissrealestate.com Consumer Feedback Program are the sole responsibility of the Real Estate Professionals. Ibizablissrealestate.com disclaims any liability arising from and the accuracy of any Endorsements posted by Real Estate Professionals. It is your responsibility to evaluate the nature of any Endorsement posted by any Real Estate Professional and to be aware that Endorsements might not reflect the actual quality of service that you may receive from a Real Estate Professional.